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1. Dearest customers, you may place your order in the submission form provided by Tradisi at the bottom of the page. Please fill in every details especially the address to ease the shipping process.

2. Once the form has been submitted, Tradisi will send the respective customers an email of confirmation which will inform you the cost, the bank account number and your product shipping date.

3. Please be informed that the cost of shipping via Pos Ekpress for 1 piece of material is RM 6 & RM 7 for 2 pieces.

4. Reservation can be made for 2 days only, if customers would like to reserve the product for more than 3 days, please make a deposit of 30% of the product price, shall any cancellation been made by customers, the deposit will not be funded. This is very much regretted by Tradisi as there's a cost to bear during this reservation process. However, Tradisi is looking forward to serve you the best that we can!

5. Goods sold are not returnable. Tradisi ensures the quality of the product before the shipping process to ensure 101 % satisfaction for our valuable customers.

Happy Shopping at Tradisi!

Songket Sari

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Songket Sari RM 35 per pair! Warna-warna yang sangat cantik dan menarik!

Close-up for SSTurq001. Design sari yang sangat halus, nmpk seni dan cantik digayakan ke majlis atau sebarang event.
Status: Sold to Ila. Terima Kasih Cik Ila!

Colour gold sesuai dipakai pada waktu malam. Gold ni tak striking dan sesuai juga digayakan ke majlis dan sebarang keraian.
Status: Sold to Sarah Hana

Status: Sold to Sarah Hana

Pinky songket sari girlicious! To those who loves pink, this is the right colour & design for you!
Status: Sold to Sarah Hana

Close-up for SSTurq001. Design daun ni sangat cantik..Colour closeup agak berbeza disbbkn oleh lighting, colour sbenar adalah seperti di bawah.
Status: Sold to Mas. tQ Mas!

SSDG001 Status: Sold to Noraini! Terima Kasih Ani!

Songket Sari dark green ni sangat cantik, sesuai digayakan sbg kebarung or kebaya.

Happy Shopping Dear All!

Thai Silk

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Thai Silk RM 35 per pair! 4 meter.

Status: Available

Colour: Soft Purple
Status: Sold to Yana! Arigatao Gozaimas Yana!

Colour: Soft Cream
Status: Sold to Fifi! Thanks Fi!

cOLOUR: Soft Green
Status: Sold To Mas..Beli lg ye Mas!=)

cOLOUR: Dark Orange

Come & Grab it while stock last! Quality guaranteed!


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For Cotton Diamond ni pricing dia ialah RM 55 sahaja. Semua kain cotton adalah 4 meter.
Collection for Cotton Diamond material for this 1st batch..Design cotton diamond ini boleh dikatakan kinda glam sket so boleh digayakan ke majlis atau ke tempat kerja.
For Close-up picture scroll ke bawah.

Status: Sold to Mas =) TQVM!

Status: Sold to Azah Zahari=)

Colour orange ni sangat lembut, tak striking dan sedap mata memandang.

Status: Sold to Ira

Close up for CPD001. Diamond warna pink yang shining. Sangat cantik dan girlie!

Status: Sold to Ainul! Thank you Ainul..Beli lg ye..=)

Untuk plain cotton without diamond ni harga dia RM 50. Semua kain cotton ini adalah 4meter.
CG 001
Status: Sold to Ila. Thanks a lot Ila!
Kain cotton ni sbenarnye terang lg colour dia, since lighting gelap sikit so xbrpe nmpk kehijauan dia..Cotton yang ini xde diamond.

Status: Sold to Sarah Hana..Thanks for promoting & buying..ngeee~~~

Status: Sold to Noor Hidayah!

Ada 3 collection for this type of cotton.
1. CB 001 for blue cotton.
2. CR 001 for red cotton.
3. CG001 for green cotton.

Both of this cottons materials hav no diamond attached together. Sangat cantik digayakan sebagai baju kurung..Design ni sangat santai dan boleh digayakan pada bila-bila masa.

Introduction of Tradisi

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Assalamualaikum & Hi Everyone!!

Untuk permulaan Tradisi akan menjual kain ela yang terkini di pasaran dengan menawarkan design yang menarik untuk para pelanggan yang berminat. Kain ela ini terdiri daripada pelbagai jenis yang berkualiti, selesa dan menarik. Tradisi memastikan semua kain yang ditawarkan menepati citarasa pelanggan dan yang penting boleh didapati pada harga yang berpatutan! Let's the price do the talking dear!

Once Tradisi has been established, we are looking forward to cater for you the material from Bandung, Terengganu and various types of kain ela. Tradisi berharap akan dapat memberi variety kepada para pelanggan dari segi produk yang disediakan untuk menjamin kepuasan anda. We want to serve the very best for you!

Tradisi will very much appreciate any constructive criticism and suggestion. So come on everyone support Tradisi!!

Thank you and Happy Visual Shopping!