Terms & Conditions For My Dearest Shoppers

1. Dearest customers, you may place your order in the submission form provided by Tradisi at the bottom of the page. Please fill in every details especially the address to ease the shipping process.

2. Once the form has been submitted, Tradisi will send the respective customers an email of confirmation which will inform you the cost, the bank account number and your product shipping date.

3. Please be informed that the cost of shipping via Pos Ekpress for 1 piece of material is RM 6 & RM 7 for 2 pieces.

4. Reservation can be made for 2 days only, if customers would like to reserve the product for more than 3 days, please make a deposit of 30% of the product price, shall any cancellation been made by customers, the deposit will not be funded. This is very much regretted by Tradisi as there's a cost to bear during this reservation process. However, Tradisi is looking forward to serve you the best that we can!

5. Goods sold are not returnable. Tradisi ensures the quality of the product before the shipping process to ensure 101 % satisfaction for our valuable customers.

Happy Shopping at Tradisi!

Let's the price do the talking..

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Glad to inform all Tradisi's dearest customers that the Japanese cotton materials that we sell is 100% pure Japanese cotton..that is the reason why the price match the quality. Hope this information satisfy few of those who claimed that Japanese cotton is expensive in Tradisi. We ensure to cater the best quality for Japanese Cotton to our dearest customers =)

Tradisi is much more keen in serving the customers the best material with the latest design and attractive colors than taking profit more than what we supposed to take. Tradisi will not claim the product as Japanese cotton if it is not Japanese Cotton. Tradisi is sincere and honest in doing this business. 

Sometimes, the material has minor defect like a small stain which can be cleaned once you wash it as the effect of manufacturing fault. If it's a major defect, Tradisi will be sure not to sell that product to our respective customers.

Hope this clarification does help our customers. Thanks for the constructive or destructive criticisms, Tradisi will always want to cater the best for our customers. 

Thank you.


Honestly and sincerely

Tradisi Warisan


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